The Sequel RCA
Thee Desperado x La Marsala
2003 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion

2005 Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion

Shawn Crews is unarguably Thee Desperado‘s biggest fan, and by her own admission, knows every hair on the great stallion’s body. Occasionally, she will glance across the large Arabians Ltd. stallion pasture and blink suddenly, thinking for an instant that she’s looking at a young Thee Desperado. Shocked, she realizes she’s looking at his rising son, The Sequel RCA. He bears his father’s extreme face and huge eyes that are so dark, they look liquid. Sequel exhibits stunning movement, and so do his foals. He has high action and loves to show off with a lot of “blow and snort.” Despite his tendency to show off, he still displays a good nature.